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  • Identification Verification Systems

    best-in-class identity tracking and management software.

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    reduced caseload burden at no cost to the taxpayer.

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    the leader in identity, fraud and diversion programs


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Since 1997, FCS has set the industry standard for identification verification; financial fraud prevention; and diversion services, technology and support.

We partner with law enforcement and government agencies, education, banking
and the private sector to combat fraud, enhance building security and reduce court caseload.

Our technology and programs are proven, affordable and simple to implement.


Best-in-class identity tracking and management software.

This proprietary software offers historic and current data, and can function at a single site or across a full network.


PATRIOT – driver’s license verification and alerts to the squad and system-wide.
PROTECT –  facility visitor identification management and alert system.
SNARE – maintains UCC compliance, pinpoints questionable state IDs and helps prevent fraud.

Our proven IVS technology delivers real-time identity verification for multiple clients in all markets.




Reduce caseload burden at no cost

to the government or taxpayer.


These integrated bilingual programs support jurisdictions, victims and defendants at no cost to government. Our comprehensive solution suite includes:



We partner with hundreds of urban and rural law enforcement agencies, and city and county attorney offices.